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ERAC Special Edition

After successfully completing the ERAC 2024, and due to the latest challenges in the region, we decided to organize the ERAC Special Edition.  The event will take place on May 8, 2024, from 10:00 to 13:00 at the Kristalna Palača (Crystal Palace) Congress Hall in the BTC City in Ljubljana Slovenia. 

ERAC SE event is conceived in public interest and social benefit. It is Admission Free Event. Since seating are limited (125 seats) and to secure your spot, feel free to register as soon as possible. 

Well-chosen Keynote Speakers and Topics

This special edition event will host two keynote speakers with distinguished careers in the fields of Law Enforcement, Prevention and Emergency Response. A Terrorism & Mass Casualty Incident Analyst, Alexandre Rodde and Chief Inspector, Carla Bailey.

The latest incidents in the region shown that mass gatherings & major sport events, can be a point of interest and well chosen target for the terrorists. 

Schools are still one of the most vulnerable points due to the presence of children. It is a soft target, due to the low presence of adults, they can not or do not know how to defend themselves properly.

Alexandre Rodde presentations will include

School Shootings; Evolution of the Phenomenon in the West, First Response and what Security Measures can be put in place,... 

2024 Paris Olympics; Risk & Security Measures for the Flame Itinerary, Opening Ceremony and the Games. 

Mass Casualty Events; Evolution, Perpetrators, Modus Operandi, Challenges for the Law Enforcement and Civilian. 


Meet the Keynote Speakers

Terrorism & Mass Casualty Incidents Analyst (FRA)

Alexandre Rodde 

As First Lieutenant in the French National Gendarmerie Reserve and expert for the Versailles Fire Department has trained over eighty different Tactical Units on various issues, in both France and the United States.

Chief Inspector (UK)

Carla Bailley

is a Chief Inspector. She operates nationally and internationally in crisis response and preparedness with a vast experience in policing and stakeholder cooperation / coordination. 


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